Walkable neighborhoods near public transit and biking paths. Sustainable, healthy, green design. Public private community partnerships. Vigorous, mixed-use, dense communities. Inclusive, diverse affordable housing. These are the guiding principles behind every project that we build.


The Landing at Union City

About Windflower Properties


Windflower Properties is a San Francisco-based development company that builds mixed use, multi-family residential projects on infill sites, close to urban centers and transit. The firm combines a passion for good design, attention to detail, and a belief in socially responsible practices that promote sustainability and minimize ecological impact.

A hallmark of the firm's practice is creating public private partnerships with sophisticated financing structures to promote public objectives whether that be the conversion of formerly industrial land to more productive uses, the development of walkable, transit-oriented communities, or affordable housing.

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Union City

Our Projects

Windflower Properties is working closely with Union City to create a new residential neighborhood that will become a model for transit-oriented development in the region. Windflower Properties is the master developer for three parcels of approximately 6.5 acres adjacent to the Union City BART Station. When completed, Windflower Properties will add more than 700 units of housing to the Station District neighborhood. 

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